JHES Library Media Center Mission:
The mission of the JHES Library is to ensure that students are effective users of information and technology.  Our goal is for every student to become an independent lifelong learner. It is also my hope to instill a love of reading in EVERY student!

Checking Out and Returning Books:
• Students may check out one book each week for a two week period.
• Students are responsible for keeping their books safe and returning them on time.
• If students are not finished with their books, they are able to renew them by bringing their books to the library.
• Books can be returned in the library at anytime during the day.
  Three books is the maximum amount that can be checked out on any account.  

Library Collection:
• The media center maintains a collection of over 10,000 books, a variety of online databases, magazines, and a growing number of  e-Books.  Computers located in the library are used to assist and strengthen student’s daily academic needs.
• Keeping up to date with technology is extremely important!  We strive to provide our teachers with a variety of technological resources that will help enhance classroom instruction.