Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Lakesia Jolley-Foster, Principal
Ms. Jasmine Galloway, Assistant Principal

Office Staff:
Mrs. Joyce Wilson, Office Manager
Ms. Diana Davis, Office Clerk
Mr. Larry Riddick, Security

Kindergarten Teachers:

Ms. Lenora Coley- Grade Chairperson
Ms. Debra Hayes- Special Education Teacher (K-2)
Mr. Terry Williams
Ms. Mary Riddell
Ms. Kimberly June - EL
Ms. Monet Johnson

First Grade:
Ms. Samantha Lindblad- Inclusion, Grade Chairperson
Ms. Debra Hayes- Special Education Teacher (K-2)
Mrs. Chandra Chavis, EL
Ms. Mary Farrow
Mrs. Patricia Gray
Ms. Karen Jones

Second Grade:
Ms. Bonita Marks- Grade Chairperson
Ms. Debra Hayes- Special Education Teacher (K-2)
Mrs. Elizabeth Broussard
Ms. Heather Delaney
Mrs. Faith Howell
Ms. Sarah Whiting
Ms. Sabrina Weathers, Reading Resource

Third Grade:

Mrs. Elfredia Ali - Grade Chairperson
Ms. Tonya White, Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Tambra Boone
Ms. Jennifer Davis
Ms. Dekita Ferguson
Mr. Joseph Williams

Fourth Grade:
Mrs. Melinda Hodges- Grade Chairperson
Ms. Regina Davis 
Mrs. Kelly Elling
Mrs.  Carol Geiger
Ms. Dolores White- Special Education Teacher

Fifth Grade:
Ms. Saundra Davis- Math, Grade Chairperson
Ms. Elonda Brownson - Science

Mrs. Taylor , Language Arts
Mrs. Ayonna Gyles- Special Education Teacher

Sixth Grade:
Mrs. Theonna Winston- Language Arts, Grade Chairperson
Mr. Brandi Blount - Math
Mr. Mainor - Science
Mr. Mainor, Social Studies
Mr. Antonio Bishop - Special Education Teacher

Mr. Al Beamon, Technology Resource Teacher
Mr. Torance Brown, IT

Instructional Specialist:
Mr. Patrick Rogers, Reading Interventionist
Ms. Doniece Sessoms, Reading Interventionist
Ms. Bernita Johnson, Math Specialist
Ms. Jeanette Walzack, English Language

Mrs. LaTarisha Beamon - School Counselor

Speech Therapy:
Ms. Kamilah Jewell- Speech Therapist

Parent Liaison:
Mrs. Rita Wilson

Clinic / Nurse:
Ms. Sabrina Knox

Mr. Russell Clay, Physical Education
Mr. Tomie Walters -Library Media Specialist
Mr. Jesse W. Boone, Art Education
Mrs. Tara Cuffee, Music Education
Ms. Juliette White, Computer Lab

Ms. Debi Mayes


Ms. Senta Elliot - Kindergarten (Coley)
Ms. Alkeila Baily - Kindergarten (Johnson)
Ms. Pamela Walden - Kindergarten (Williams)
Ms. Davida Hunter - Kindergarten (Riddell)
Ms. Shamia Lassiter - Kindergarten (June)
Ms. Melanie Richardson - Third Grade (White), Second Grade (Hayes)
Ms. Tracy Holliman - 3rd (Lindblad/White)
Ms. Senta Elliott, 4th ( White)
Ms. Davida Godfrey - 5th and 6th (Bishop)

Custodial Staff:
Mr. Travis Waters, Supervisor
Ms. LaToya Brooks
Mr. Donte' Boykins