August 8, 2018
Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s),

Once again Summer Break is rapidly coming to an end and the start of another exciting school year is about to begin.  That’s right, IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!

As the beginning of the new school year approaches please know, that the faculty and staff are hard at work preparing for the arrival of our most important guest, the students.  Classrooms and offices have been cleaned and dressed.  In fact, James Hurst has never looked so good!  Moreover; I am looking forward to working alongside each of you in providing our “Eaglets” (students) with awesome learning experiences this academic year, that they may soar as only an “Eagle” can.  Research indicates that schools rated as excellent share one thing in common--caring and dedicated personnel that can envision student success.

As I begin my third year as Principal of James Hurst Elementary, I continue to reflect on how blessed I am to be able to serve each of you; as well, as our students.  Please know, that I am committed to collaborative leadership and continued implementation of a shared vision while fostering a positive school climate, and culture.  That being said; I’m inviting each of you to join me in supporting our PTA, as we work together in lifting our students up to even greater academic heights.

Finally, to each of you, Welcome Back, and I look forward to another successful school year! 


Mr. Morris L. Barco; Principal