Parent Engagement Policy


James Hurst Elementary School will involve the parents of our students through the following:

* James Hurst Elementary School will hold an annual meeting for the parents of James Hurst Elementary School students to share information about the Title 1 program and other activities/programs at the school. This annual meeting is out PTA OPEN HOUSE/Meeting held in September.

* James Hurst Elementary School will offer a variety of meetings during various times of the day for parents to attend. These meetings include:
- PTA Meetings held every 3rd Monday @  7:00 pm.
- SOL Night.
- Citizen of the Month and Honor Assemblies.

* James Hurst Elementary School will involve the parents of our students in the planning, review and improvement of programs of the school through participating on the PTA Board, completing Parent Surveys and Volunteer Surveys, and representing the school at the District Title 1 Parent Advisory Board Meetings.  Parenting in-service will also be offered throughout the school year.

*James Hurst Elementary School will provide parents with information about the curriculum, rules and regulations, and programs in the school.  Parents will be given the James Hurst Elementary School Student Handbook, Title I Brochure, the code of student conduct, School - Parent Compact and the Parent Handbook for Elementary Education, which contains the curriculum guide for all subject.

* James Hurst School will provide parents the opportunity for regular meetings to formulate suggestions and make decisions relating to the education of their children through parent-teacher conferences and through parent-administration conferences.

*James Hurst Elementary School will ensure effective involvement of parents through communicating information about State requirements, Sate and School assessment results and activities that support student achievement through:
- offering workshops and in-service on the Virginia Standards of Learning
- providing suggestions to help their child and their child's teacher in the school newsletter, website, and/or Parent & Family Engagement Resource room.
- providing information and materials during training to help their child's achievement. 
-providing information about educational websites available on the internet to assist in their child's achievement
-providing staff development for teachers on ways to foster effective parent-teacher relationships and to share Parents rights
-ensuring that the information related to the school is in a language that the parents can understand.
- provide training for parents to enhance the involvement of other parents, PTA meetings and  Title 1 meetings
- adopting and implementing a variety of approaches to improve parental involvement
-participating on the District Parent Advisory Board.
-developing appropriate roles for community-based organizations and businesses in parent involvement activities

* James Hurst Elementary School will provide timely information about programs implemented under Title I Part A to principals, parents and staff in an effort to help keep all parents apprised of revisions in federal and state law.