Nurse's Notes


What are the health requirements for enrolling my child in school?

A comprehensive physical examination to include state required immunizations is required for students entering a 4-year old program through grade 5.  Students are not allowed to start school without a physical and immunization record on file.
5 year olds entering K (for the first time) must have a physical dated within a calendar year of first day of school.

Students in grades 1-5: if a physical was done for a prior school district, it may be used.
If it was done in another location, it can be faxed to the school with the parent's permission.

Immunizations are available, usually free of charge, at the Portsmouth Health Department -- call 393-8585 for more information.

Link: State of Virginia Required Immunizations
         Portsmouth Health Department
         Physical Exam Form


The school staff may NOT administer external or internal medication, including aspirin, without the proper documentation from a physician.  We encourage administration of medicine before and after school whenever possible. However, if your physician decides it is necessary for your child to receive a medication during the school day, we must have a Parent Medication Consent Form signed by both the physician and the parent. A note from the doctor stating the dosage and duration of medication is required. Medication must be in a labeled prescription bottle. Parents MUST hand deliver medications to the nurse. It is against school board policy for a student to bring any medication to school.

Links: Medication Permission Form
          Virginia Asthma Action Plan

Announcements for Rising 6th Graders:

Students must receive the TDaP vaccination before they can begin 6th grade. Once your child receives this vaccine, please bring/send documentation to the clinic to be recorded.
Link:2014 Recommended Immunizations for Children from 7 to 18 Years Old

Fever Policy:

According to Medical Orders for Portsmouth Public Schools, students with a fever of 100° or greater are to stay home until they are free of fever for a full 24 hours (without using any type of fever reducing medicine, such as Tylenol, Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve, etc.) before returning to school. In addition, a student should stay home until symptoms, such as sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea or severe congestion are completely resolved and the child is well enough to return to school.